Tuesday, January 10, 2017

06/January/2017 - Back Home

Because of Kuya's bad antics yesterday, Old Grump had to use a "sick day" and take today off.  BAD KUYA!!

The morning started with Kuya doing his schoolwork:

Kuya "at school"

Whilst Kuya studied, Grump and Sweetie took Dodong for his allergy doctor appointment.

Dodong had reacted poorly to pecans just a few days ago, so everyone was eager to hear what the doctor had to say, particularly regarding peanuts.  Fortunately Dodong is NOT allergic to peanuts, and the doctor said to continue to let him eat them, as this may keep him from developing the dreaded peanut allergy.

Dodong and Sweetie at the Allergy Doctor's Office

Sweetie, Dodong, and the Old Grump

Old Grump never misses an opportunity to act weird!

After the doctor's appointment the three of them went to FOJ, where they had a yummy meal:

Dodong and Sweetie at FOJ

Meanwhile, back home, Kuya was still in his pajamas!!

Goofy Kuya

The weather outside was most unpleasant, being rainy and cold, and it got colder as the day progressed!

Yucky Weather!

But we mostly stayed inside, keeping warm and dry despite Mother Nature's foul mood.


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