Sunday, March 31, 2013

Verbiage for 31/March/2013

March marches to a close, and I am still NOT emperor of the universe!  Drat!  Life’s not fair!

I haven't made a cent from this blog.  I am wondering if a gardening blog/webpage will work better.  Phred grows anxiously for his new bowl, and I haven’t even earned him a penny yet!  Poor guy!  His current bowl is rather tiny.

Promoting clickbank links somehow seems “dirty”.  I guess all market somehow seems “dirty”, (GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!), but I guess I have to get over it if I’m going to make money on the internet, because all online businesses seem to mostly involve marketing.

I’m exhausted from all the work I did in the yard yesterday, but it is a (mostly) good exhaustion.  It is a wonderful feeling to work with living things.  You feel in some tiny way that you are promoting the continuance of life on this planet.

I wonder how people will react when I tell them I am channeling the wishes/desires and alleged wisdom of an imaginary fish?  What sense of self is “real”, and what sense of self is “imaginary” anyway?  We have a different perception of ourselves than everyone else.  In fact, I bet that if you took 100 people you know, and had them come up with a description of you, (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, ethical), you would get 100 different descriptions.  Now here is what is really creepy ....... if you had these same 100 people create descriptions 10 years ago, descriptions today, then descriptions 10 years from now, you would probably have close to 300 unique descriptions!  Our self changes with time.

What is a “soul” anyway, that alleged immortal part of us?  When I was younger, and asked about my soul, I would often reply I had two “soles”, and point to the bottom of my feet.  (Ha, ha ...... )  Do we really have a soul?  If so, what is it?  Certainly not our personality.  That can be altered by what experiences, drugs, accidents, etc.  Personality is certainly not immortal!

Oh my ......... my wife is hollering at me to stop playing on the computer and get ready for church.  We all have priorities in life, and right now I have a higher priority than typing in my daily gibberish.  (Silly woman!  What could be more important than filling up the internet with nonsense?)

Hasta la pasta!  May good fortune and happiness come your way!

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