Wednesday, September 6, 2017

01/September/2017 - Sweetie's Birthday Dinner

Today Grump and Dodong continued their castle building endeavors:

Another castle built by Grump and Dodong

Dodong was in cheerful mood most of the day!

A happy Dodong

He was so happy that he felt the need to express himself by writing with a PERMANENT marker on our bedroom wall!

It's a wonderful drawing of a magic man, but Grump and Sweetie would like it even more if it were not on our wall.

The highlight of the day was Sweetie's birthday dinner.  She and Grump went to the ever wonderful Natalia's, and had a scrumptious meal.  Sweetie even wore her new birthday dress!

Sweetie and Grump at Natalia's
Grump munching on his dessert

One of the desserts: bread pudding

The other dessert: sorbet in a pecan "shell"

Sweetie really enjoyed her birthday dinner!

A very happy Sweetie


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