Wednesday, September 6, 2017

02/September/2017 - A Junk Sale

The exciting, (to Sweetie - Grump thought it was a waste of money, and had to carry around Dodong the entire time we were there), event of the day was a "Vintage Goods" sale Sweetie, Dodong, and Grump attended.  It was located at the fairgrounds in Perry, so it was a bit a of drive to get there, and once there we discovered that it cost $5.00 a person to get it, (paying money for the privilege of spending money??), so Grump was none too happy about it.  He was considerably less happy when it became apparent that most of the "Vintage Goods" for sale were just junk that had been hauled out of someone's attic or garage, and dusted off.

In Grump's opinion, the only pleasant thing about this silly sale was the smiling face they stamped on your hand at the entrance.

The happy hand stamp

But not all was lost!  Sweetie found this nice decoration to hang on our front door:

Our new front door decoration


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