Saturday, September 2, 2017

29/August/2017 - Amerson Park and Karate

It was yet another day of babysitting for Old Grump.

This morning he and Dodong went to Amerson River Park.  Dodong had a much better time than he did the last time they went there, probably because the playground was dry, as a few days had passed without rain.

Careful crossing that ravine!

Steady ....

Whew!  Made it!
Hi Dodong!

This particular playground toy was Dodong's favorite, once he got used to it.  With a giant spring on the bottom, you get bounced around back and forth, and side to side, if someone else, (e.g., Grump), pushes and pulls you.

Quiet before the storm 
Hi Dodong!

Sweetie's friends took her out for a Birthday Lunch!

A Happy Sweetie

Sweetie and Mama Sue

In the evening Kuya had his karate class again.

Kuya at his karate class

Dodong came along this time, and was upset he couldn't doing any chopping or kicking.

Dodong wishing he could practice karate

The day ended with Kuya practicing his weekly piano assignments.

Kuya at the piano


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