Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 350

16/December/2014, Day 350.  Tuesday.

The adventure continues!

When we last left off, we were still trying to work with the recalcitrant bureacrats at Immigration to get a VISA for Lola to come over from the Philippines and stay with us.  Several months and a few letters from our Congressional Representative later, Immigration finally relented, and Lola had her VISA.  She arrived here in early October, and has been a HUGE blessing.  She helps Sweetie in the kitchen, and with the cleaning and laundry, and has been instrumental in keeping Kuya from battering Dodong.  I have no idea how Sweetie coped with Kuya and Dodong all by herself this summer!

The other "gossip" is that Witch has been stirring up trouble with Mama Sue's Bible study group.  She managed to turn Bitch against all of us, and is working on Clueless.  It's a sad situation, particularly for Witch's little boy, Big Sigh.  Witch and her friend Bitch are openly fighting with Mama Sue and Ms. M, both of whom are decent Filipinas and friends of ours.  Pathetic!

Moving on from that nonsense, today was a mostly quiet day at work for Old Sweaty Grump.  Kuya had a half day of school, following by the first day of Christmas Camp.  He had a great time, but when he got home, he decided to write on his face with a green magic marker, to look like the Grinch.  Unfortunately the green doesn't wash off easily.

Mama, Lola, and Dodong drove over to the mall and did a good amount of walking.  While there, Mama bought a nice blouse at Belks that they were just giving away.

But the most exciting news today was with respect to Dodong.  While in his playpen, he managed to pull himself up, and was STANDING for several minutes, long enough for Old Sweaty Grump to take some pictures.  Way to go Dodong!

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