Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 352

18/December/2014, Day 352.  Thursday.

The day, (or, more precisely, the night before), started out rocky.  For some reason Kuya slept very poorly, waking up many times through the night coughing and crying, and at one point crying out, "I want to eat the brown stuff!"  He finally succeeded in waking up Dodong, which caused Grump to yell at him, which made him cry even more.  Ugh.

Grump and Sweetie went through the day mostly in a haze.  Grump was assigned some documentation tasks at work, which he mostly ignored, since his poor old brain was only semi-functional.

In the evening Lola feed Dodong, then Sweetie gave him some baby treats which Grump TOLD HER NOT TO DO, as Grump believed Dodong was still too young to handle them properly.  Dodong immediately began to choke, then vomited up all his food all over himself and his high-chair.  Grump was livid!  He yelled at Sweetie, then with Lola's help cleaned up poor Dodong.

But ..... every day is a gift from God.  Today was a gift too, just a little different than most days.

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