Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 351

17/December/2014, Day 351.  Wednesday.

I'm kinda tired right now, so I don't feel like writing much.  But it was another pleasant winter day here in central Georgia.

Old Sweaty Grump has been taking the stairs at work, (four flights of stairs from the basement!), and he has been making an effort to climb up them at least five times a day.  Hooray for him!  It's his only exercise, but maybe it will help him lose some weight.

Speaking of weight, Sweetie needs to go on a diet of her own!  Too much fattening American food, I guess.  She says she will seriously start losing weight, but only once Dodong stops breast feeding.

Kuya is doing great.

Lola has her first head cold, but she acts as if nothing is wrong.  She continues to cook and clean and do any task around the house that needs doing, while Grump continues to sit on his fat butt.

Everybody needs a Lola!

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