Thursday, December 25, 2014

North Korea and "The Interview": the Plot Thickens!

The North Koreans and their zany leader Kim Jong Un certainly act like buffoons.  If it weren't for the suffering the poor folk in North Korea have to endure because of their stupid government, and the constant potential for another war and the needless turmoil that would cause, it would tempting to just laugh them off as another joke provided for our entertainment.

So what's the latest with the controversy over "The Interview"?

I wrote an article on PAA two days ago where I explained that Sony had reversed their decision not to release the movie.  Since PAA doesn't allow embedded links, a key part of that post may have been overlooked, namely, the url of a FANTASTIC article on the whole bruhaha.

I can't say this too strongly: go read this article!  It's hilarious!

Meanwhile, it now appears that "The Interview" is available on YouTube.  You can cough up $5.99, give it a watch, and make Kim Jong Un's day!

Hmmm ...... maybe I have to update my original article on this controversy I posted on FoK.  In that article, I laid out three options that I thought were causing Sony to pull the release of "The Interview".  Maybe there is a fourth option?

Suppose Sony and the powers-that-be in North Korea COLLABORATED on publicising this mediocre film?  What if North Korea and Sony actually have a working relationship, and half the proceeds from "The Interview" will provide much needed cash to the barely functional North Korean economy?

Follow the money!

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