Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 165

14/June/2014, Day 165.  Saturday.

PAA is having .... uh, "issues" at the moment, so I will be posting the daily "A Day in a Year in a Life" articles here until it cleans up its act.

The theme for today was shopping, shopping, shopping, and more shopping!

After a slow start, (puttering away in our underwear eating a lazy breakfast), we finally got our act together and drove over to Forsyth, GA, to the Grits Café for lunch. Lunch was okay - it was good and all, but the menu was one we considered uninspired, as nearly everything had shrimp, (which Sweetie is allergic to), or blue cheese, (which Grump despises!), in it. So it was probably one of the least exciting meals we've had at Grits Café. Still good, but not the usual superb.

After lunch we drove up the road to the Tanger outlet mall in Locust Grove, GA. There are many, many stores there, and Sweetie went wild! We shopped until Grump and Kuya just couldn't take it anymore. It was dinnertime by then, so we drove back down the road to The French Market to get something to eat.

We had never been to The French Market before, and were pleasantly surprised by how good the food was. It is a New Orleans / Cajun style inspired place; Grump had yummy gumbo, jambalaya, and red rice and beans. Sweetie had a blackened salmon which was super-duper mouth-watering delicious.  Kuya and Sweetie finished off their meal with a yummy miniature chocolate cake.

Sufficiently stuffed, and tired, we drove back home and as quick as we could all four of us climbed into bed.  In no time at all we were all snoring contentedly.

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