Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Day in a Year in a LIfe / Day 169

18/June/2014, Day 169.  Wednesday.

What was today like?  Hard to say, since Grump spent most of it in a haze.  Dodong seemed to wake up every hour all through the night, and then once he finally drifted off into a sound sleep, (around 4:00 am), Kuya woke up and crawled into bed with us, kicking Grump in the head!

But this is nothing compared to the exhaustion Sweetie is feeling right now.  She has to carefully watch Kuya all day long, lest he inadvertently hurt Dodong.  It's impossible for a five year old to understand just how fragile an infant really is.  Kuya, like most five year old boys, is a bundle of unrestrained energy, bursting out all over the place.  We just hope and pray that Dodong makes it through his first year of life unscathed.

On a sad note, while Grump was check out at a local grocery store, he mentioned his frustrations with his kids to the cashier, and she told him about an incident that happened to a neighbor when she was a child.  A mother was changing an infant's diaper, and when she turned away for just a moment, her five year old child grabbed the infant by the legs, and pulled him.  Tragically the infant banged its head, and died.  The cashier said she still remembers the funeral with the tiny casket.

Life is fragile, folks.  Let's protect each other as best we can.

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