Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 173

22/June/2014, Day 173.  Sunday.

Today Sweetie decided we would get take-out from Panera for breakfast, which is what we did.  Both Sweetie and Grump have a breakfast souffle and an egg, tomato, and cheese sandwich on a blueberry bagel, while Kuya has a muffin top and yogurt.  Dodong is still surviving on breast milk, so as long as Sweetie is available and he is hungry, he can eat.

As we had not been to church in a long, long time, we made sure we went to church today.  After church we drove up to Morrow Georgia, (basically south Atlanta), to get some fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Dinner was at a Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass in downtown Macon.  Sweetie and Grump enjoyed their dinner, but Kuya was wound up and misbehaved through the entire meal.

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