Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 171

20/June/2014, Day 171.  Friday.

Miraculously, Grump got two night's of good sleep in a row!  What more could an Old Sweaty Grump hope for?

Work was quiet; too quiet, in far.  With a heavy heart, and plenty of regret, Grump had to ask his team leads for more work.  (Phooey!)  Hopefully he won't get dumped on for opening his mouth!

On the home front, Kuya continues to terrorize Dodong and drive Sweetie crazy!  A five year old and an infant just don't mix!  Sweetie does the best she can to tend to the needs of both, but it is driving her bonkers.

This evening we went to Bible Study next door, but unfortunately Grump and Kuya had to leave early, because Kuya apparently hurt the Big Sigh.  Big Sigh's Mama, (and some of her friends), accuse Kuya of being a bully, but the only kid Kuya every has any trouble with is Big Sigh.  He plays fine with other children, including some younger and smaller than himself, and his problems with Dodong aren't due to intent, but a lack of understanding that Dodong is super fragile right now.

We've decided that we are going to have to avoid events where Big Sigh is present, because we don't want to deal with that psycho-drama.

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