Monday, June 16, 2014

A Day in a Year in a LIfe / Day 166

15/June/2014, Day 166.  Sunday.

This was a bummer of a day.

It started out okay.  Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong accompanied Kuya to the church where he went to vacation Bible school last week, and Kuya participated in a singing presentation all the VBS kids gave up on the stage at the front of the church.

From there everything went downhill.  Grump was very sleepy, so when he got home he insisted on taking a nap.  Unfortunately Sweetie also decided to try to make a fancy recipe for Father's Day, namely salmon croquettes with spaghetti squash mixed with a celery pesto sauce.  As she attempted to make the recipe, she realized that she needed a food processor, (!), to successfully complete it, so she and Kuya headed off to a local department store while a very tired Grump stayed home with Dodong.

Once Sweetie got back home, Grump handed Dodong off to her and went upstairs to sleep.  After about 15 minutes Sweetie started hollering for him, asking him to come help her with the food processor.  Grump was in no mood to mess with a food processor, so he told her that if she really wanted him to fuss with it, he would, but if he couldn't get it to work he was taking it back to the store.

I'll just jump to the end of this pathetic story.  Sure enough, we couldn't figure out how to get the food processor to work, so we took it back to the store, and got another, less exciting model.  At first we couldn't get this one to work either, but once Grump read the instructions he finally figured it out.

The sad part to all this is that the food processor we returned was a much better model, and was on sale at a considerable discount, being only a little more than a dollar than the lesser model.  If either Grump or Sweetie had taken the time to read the instructions for it, we probably would have figured out how to use it.

There's a moral buried in there somewhere.

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