Monday, January 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 019

19/January/2015, Day 019.  Monday.

Despite the fact that Grump spent a good part of last night attempting to hack up a lung, and was only able to stop coughing after swilling some codeine syrup, (again!), it was actually a decent day.

Kuya had a day off school, due to MLK day.  He says he "learned" today, but since he wasn't in school, we aren't sure exactly WHAT he learned.

Dodong and Lola hung out and did what Dodong and Lola usually do: Dodong slept, ate, crawled, and cried, and Lola washed dishes and cleaned clothes. 

For some reason, Sweetie was absolutely radiant today.  Even Old Grump was struck by how wonderful she looked when he got home from work, and he told her so.

All in all, it was a very happy evening, until ..... she saw it!

Over at Buying Nirvana, (another crazy website we more-or-less maintain), we have been copying our posts from FullofKnowledge, saving them there in case the admin decides to do what he did to PAA, and start deleting old posts.  One of the posts, (A Squirrel Story), is about a wild event that happened to Grump and his ex-wife.  Now Grump happens to think the story reads better with "wife" in it instead of "ex-wife", so he saved it that way. 

Unfortunately, Sweetie does NOT appreciate any reference to this ex-wife as "wife".   In fact, she HATES it.  So you can imagine what happened when she read that post! 

So now Grump is in trouble, again.  Let's hope that Sweetie soon forgives his poor judgement.

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