Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 030

30/January/2015, Day 030.  Friday.

It was a fairly quiet day, which was a good thing, because Grump was very tired.  He mostly fussed and moaned his way through the day, and continued his fussing and moaning once he got home from work.

Kuya had a good day at school, (hooray!), Sweetie was only bit more tired than normal, and Lola and Dodong were their usual wonderful selves.

Grump wanted to skip Bible study because of his grumpiness, but Sweetie insisted that he go.  The whole family was there, and everyone had a great time except Grump, who sat off by himself and almost dozed off once or twice.  Grump doesn't speak Tagalog, (or Cebuano either!), so most of what was being said he didn't understand anyway.

We all came home, Grump fussed and moaned about how all he wanted to do was crawl in bed, and finally, at around 10:30 pm, everyone was in bed.

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang!  It was work; a job had gone down.  GRRR!!!!

Grump pulled his tired body out of bed, booted up the laptop, and tried, for an hour and a half, to connect in to work.  IT WOULDN'T FRIGGIN' WORK!!  The STUPID network people have the dial-in protocol so jacked-up now that it takes a miracle for the connection to take, and last night Grump was out of miracles.  Finally he got disgusted and went back to bed.

So now he will have to deal with this silly problem in the morning.  So much for a relaxing weekend!

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