Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 029

29/January/2015, Day 029.  Thursday.

Dodong was a little more fussy than normal last night, so Grump and Sweetie didn't sleep too well.  Despite this, it was turning out to be a more-or-less normal, basically good day, until .....

When Sweetie picked up Kuya at school this afternoon, his teacher handed her a printed letter.  It said:

"Dear Mom,

I had to write a not of apology to my friend for accusing him of doing something he didn't do."

The printed letter had Kuya's signature, (in purple crayon!), on the bottom.

This is the second day this week Kuya has been repremanded for bad behavior.  Sigh ...

As you would expect, Sweetie was upset about this.  Grump spoke to Kuya when he got home, and did the best he could to communicate to a five year old that saying people did things that they did not do is not very nice.

We had a wonderful dinner of meatballs, tiny fish, and eggs, (with rice, of course!), then after dinner Grump had the dismal task of attempting to pay our rent and other bills.  We just can't seem to get that silly Amex card balance down!  I know the problem isn't limited to us.  Despite the current low cost of gasoline, the price of everything else it seems is soaring to the heavens!



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