Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 027

27/January/2015, Day 027.  Tuesday.

The day started off well enough.  It was a bright sunny morning.  Grump's commute to work was a bit easier than normal, and all was mostly quiet at his job.  (Hooray!)  Lunch was a yummy fish bihon, (noodle), dish Sweetie made the night before.  

Sweetie was having a great day too!  Dodong seemed at ease, while she and Lola folded laundry.

Then she got the call.  It was Kuya's teacher, and apparently he had misbehaved at school.  Kuya had called one of his classmates a, "stupid friggin' idiot", and now the other boy was crying.

Sweetie had to drop everything and drive to Kuya's school to meet with his teacher.  She was informed that, since this was his first offence, he would not be punished, but if he upset a classmate like that again he would be suspended for a day.

Now I know some of y'all are thinking, "Good grief!  He only called the other kid a name!  What's the big friggin' deal?"  

If Kuya went to a public school, this probably would not have even been an issue; it seems that as long as you don't draw blood, all sorts of misbehavior is tolerated at public schools.  But Kuya goes to a small private Christian school, (paid for by Grandma and Grandpa  -  THANK YOU!), and misbehavior of this sort is absolutely not tolerated! 

Sweetie was EXTREMELY embarassed by all this.  She assured Kuya's teacher that we don't speak like that in our house, and in her case that is absolutely true.  In Grump's case, however ......

The sad truth is that Old Grump has quite a potty mouth.  He calls people "idiots" and things "stupid" all the time, and curses way too much.  Kuya is just picking up some of Grump's bad habits.

So Sweetie laid down the law tonight.  There will be NO MORE BAD WORDS SPOKEN IN OUR HOUSE!  That applies both to Grump and Kuya.  Grump is going to have to clean up his act, else he's gonna find himself sleeping in the garage.

Poor Grump.  He's been foul-mouthed so long it will be a challenge for him to speak nicely now.  Wish him luck!

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