Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 195

14/July/2015, Day 195.  Tuesday.

Given the fact that, due to excitement at work, neither Grump nor Sweetie have slept much at all the past two nights, the day started out poorly.  Grump didn't roll out of bed until 10:30 am, (cut him a break! - he wasn't in bed until 4:00 am or later!), and when he did both he and Sweetie were in BAD moods.  Lack of sleep will do that to ya.

Things slowly started improving from there.  First, (miracle of miracles!), Grump was able to login to work from his home PC for the first time in over six months.  I have no idea if he'll ever be able to do it again, but for at least this once it worked, and because of that he was able to work from home, rather than take a sick day.

Next he went to his doctor's appointment, to get his high blood pressure treated.  At this point Grump just has the onset of hypertension; hopefully with proper treatment it will be controlled, or even reversed.  He was given Lisinopril, 5 mg, which his doc claims is a "good" high blood pressure medicine, and even does good things to your kidneys.  (And, most importantly, it won't interfere with "Grump Jr." getting aroused, if you know what I mean!)

Finally, to shake all the funk of the last two nights out of our system, we went to the superb FoJ for dinner.  No, we can't really afford to eat out like that, but sometimes exceptions have to be made.  Dinner was absolutely delicious, and we left the restaurant in a much better mood.

Now Sweetie and Lola are getting the kids ready for bed, while Grump fidgets with his new medicine.  If they feel up to it, Sweetie and Grump will go to Planet Fitness for a quick workout.  If not, they'll go straight to bed.  Care to wager which option they'll choose?

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