Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 199

18/July/2015, Day 199.  Saturday.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!  Hooray!  The weekend is FINALLY here!

And since it was the first day of the weekend, we did what we usually do, namely, go shopping.

First Grump and Sweetie drove to Warner Robins.  Since Sweetie was hungry they stopped for an early lunch at the superb Monsoon restaurant, then went to the Filipino store on Carl Vinson Pkwy.  After that they drove back towards Macon, stopping first at the Sam's Club to buy some rice, ("so much more than a breakfast food," as Grump likes to teasingly say), and fruits, then coming home.

Next Lola, Dodong, and Sweetie were dropped off at Riverside Mall, while Kuya and Grump went to see the new Minions movie.  Grump was kinda bored, but Kuya enjoyed it.  Meanwhile, back at the mall Dodong had managed to pour water all over himself, so Sweetie bought him a new shirt at Gap.

After all this excitement Grump wasn't feeling too well, (I think he got over-heated), so he lay down for a few hours.  In the late evening he and Sweetie went out once again, this time browsing the sofas and couches at Ashley's, (we have to replace ours, as the fake leather has started to crack and peel), then puttering around at a few other stores.

Now it is late, and time for ........ an old pic!  Here's a very old pic from the first time Grump ever visited Lolo and Lola's house in Mindanao.

Sweetie being bear-hugged by Grump

Goodnight all!

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