Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 196

15/July/2015, Day 196.  Wednesday.

It was just another weekday/workday.  Kuya enjoyed his third day of "phonics camp", and had a piano lesson in the afternoon, where he did very well.  Grump and Sweetie exercised a bit after dinner at the Planet Fitness health club, during which Sweetie had to listen to Grump complain, like a broken record, about his job and the sorry state of our finances.  Lola spent most of the day watching Dodong, and Dodong spent most of the day looking for things to get into.

We haven't had a photo posted in a long time, so how about an old photo from 2006?  This is a younger Grump in his cube at AgFirst in Columbia, SC.  He worked at AgFirst from January, 2005 until November, 2007, (oops - 2006; Grump is getting forgetful!), when he went to work at Blue Cross of South Carolina.

Grump relaxing in his cube at AgFirst, Columbia, SC

Goodnight all!

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