Friday, July 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 204

23/July/2015, Day 204.  Thursday.

It rained really, really, REALY hard this afternoon.  Grump got stuck in it driving home from work.  It rained so darn hard there were huge puddles, (tiny ponds, actually), on I-75, making driving on that highway interesting, to say the least.

Clickworker has picked up a bit the last few days.  Hooray!  Clickworker is an odd website.  Sometimes there's tons of easy stuff to do for quick money, other times there's nothing but malfunctioning tasks, or near-impossible tasks that only pay one or two cents.  As always, should you decide to join Clickworker too, (I believe it is available to any location, but you'll need a PayPal account), please consider using my referral link: . Gracias!

I suppose the most exciting news of the day was that Lola made dinner, and not only did she use all vegetables that we grew in our garden plots out back, (with the idiotic deer kept away thanks to the wonderful Liquid Fence product), but even more impressively the food itself was delicious!  This was probably because Sweetie convinced her NOT to add vinegar to it  -  YUK! As a true Kano, Grump doesn't like the sour/rotten tastes preferred by many Filipinos for some unfathomable reason.

Then, because Sweetie wasn't feeling well, we went to bed early.  Why don't you go to bed early too, and we'll all be well rested tomorrow!

Goodnight all.

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