Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 202

21/July/2015, Day 202.  Tuesday.

Sweetie got her car back!  Old Grump even drove home for lunch so they could pick it up.  Sweetie is happy now that her door and door handle are fixed.

The bad news of the day is that Dodong fell, hard, on the tiles in the hallway.  He got a nasty bruise on his forehead:

Dodong with a bruise on his head, above his right eye

Grump feels guilty about this latest "head-banging" experience, because he knew yesterday that Dodong was walking too erratically on the tiles, but he did nothing about it.  NOW we have the hallway fenced off from the living room and kitchen.  It's awkward to get around, but better to be inconvenienced than have Dodong bang his head yet again.

Here are some pics of the rest of us:

Lola feeding Dodong
This is actually a good picture, as it's hard to get Lola focused in the camera lens.  She's very shy, and hides her face when she sees a camera.

Sweetie picking her teeth


Kuya is the opposite of Lola; he LOVES to have his picture taken, and more often than not will act goofy and silly when you are about to take the shot.

Finally, to give you something to think about, here is a pic of Old Grump's fat stomach, (expanded to X-Large size, to better approximate the real thing!):

Was this really necessary?

Pleasant dreams!

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