Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 203

22/July/2015, Day 203.  Wednesday.

Yep, it was another workday/weekday.  Dodong's "head wound" is almost completely gone now.  I'll have to ask Angel to help watch over him, to keep him from banging his head further.

Sweetie was tired, and Old Grump was tired, (he had to stay over an hour at work - yuk!), so we had pizza for dinner.  (Except Lola, who doesn't like pizza.  She ate a hamburger with "ketchup only"!).   Grump ate way too much pizza; now his tummy aches, and he fears he won't sleep well tonight.

The big news is from back home in Mindanao.  It appears that Mr. J, (who is watching over J.C. while Sweetie's sister works in Manila to pay off some debts), got his girlfriend pregnant.  Uh oh!!  Not sure how all this is gonna work out, but we're hoping for the short term that the happy couple move into Lola's house while she's here with us in the American Empire.  Once Lola goes back home in a few years they'll have to sort things out themselves.  In the meantime, we'd like them to concentrate on keeping that baby healthy!

And another day rolls off into history ......

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