Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 197

16/July/2015, Day 197.  Thursday.

Yes, it was just another workday/weekday, and, yes, Grump is tired of his job.  ("Burnt out" would be the proper term, I suppose.)  And yes it was HOT here today, but what do you expect of central Georgia in July?

Sweetie and Grump did make it to the gym tonight, which is a small victory, I suppose.

Since I don't really feel like writing tonight, how about some more old pics?

Sweetie at the Atlanta Airport
This is the first picture of Sweetie in the United States.  She had just arrived, and she and Grump were standing in the airport parking lot early on a November morning.  And she was freezing!!

Grump being weird
 A picture from about the same time of Grump doing whatever it is that Grump does.

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