Monday, May 15, 2017

09/May/2017 - A Rough Day At Work

Grump works for a grumpy boss.  Now before you say something like, "How appropriate!", consider that this woman has already driven off two of his coworkers in less than a year.  She seems to have a need to use her employees as a verbal punching bag!

So today it was Grump's turn to get fussed at by his boss at work.  I don't suppose I need to tell you that the cause of all this abuse was some bureaucratic paperwork that he didn't fill out to her satisfaction.  (Bureaucrats and fussy bosses LOVE their paperwork!)

This did not make Grump very happy.

An Unhappy Grump at Venerable Watson's Apartment

Oh well ..... life goes on.  Maybe someday we'll stop spending so much money, (ha!), and Grump can retire so he won't have to put up with this abuse anymore!


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