Thursday, May 18, 2017

17/May/2017 - Grump is a Glutton!

At the place where Grump works, we had clients visiting today from Canada.  Because of this, Grump and his co-workers got a free lunch, and a free dinner.  Woo hoo!

For lunch, Grump proved he is an imbecile and order a muffuletta.  A WHOLE muffuletta!  Needless to say, he couldn't eat the whole thing, (a quarter of it is considered a normal serving size), but he did manage to gulp down half of it.  Stuffing himself with meat and olives like that gave he horrid indigestion, which lasted all day, (and night!).  But, since dinner was free, he still managed to eat a wonderful meal of crabmeat-stuffed tilapia at The Loft in downtown Columbus, GA.

Whilst waiting for dinner time to roll around, Grump sauntered to the riverwalk along the Chattahoochee, where he took the following pics:

Now he has to go to bed with extreme indigestion.  Poor Grump!


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