Tuesday, May 23, 2017

20/May/2017 - Alone

So Grump was back home again, in the empty house.  Just like last week, Mama Sue brought him something to eat, kare kare of all things!  Grump isn't a huge oxtail fan, (in fact he kinda hates it), but this kare kare didn't seem to have too much, if any, fatty meat in it.  The veggies and the sauce were good enough for a very nice linner/dunch (lunch and dinner).

Mama Sue's Kare Kare

I have one good thing to report: now that the wife and kids aren't around to pester him, Grump has been going to the gym more often.  He went three days last week, and went again yesterday and today.  Hooray for the Old Grump!  Maybe he'll lose some of his belly fat?


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