Tuesday, May 16, 2017

12/May/2017 - Back Home to an Empty House

So Grump came home from work today to an empty house.  Whilst Sweetie, Lola, and the boys are enjoying the heat and bugs in the Philippines, Grump was left behind, all alone, to sleep on the soft bed in the air-conditioned house all by himself.  Poor Grump!

He did have an interesting dinner:

Grump's Dinner
What you see here is half of a Publix Italian sub, with a side of Publix sushi.  The drink is a mixture of Sambazon Acai Juice and Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Yogurt.

The sub and the drink were super yummy.  I wish I could say the say about the sushi, but it was definitely of inferior grade.  Better than the swill we got at Mikata, (which was barely edible), but I'll never get Publix sushi again.


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