Monday, August 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 229

17/August/2015, Day 229.  Monday.

Another back-to-work Monday for Old Grump!

Grump and Sweetie were still tired today, so tired in fact that they skipped going to the gym, which is a shame, because they haven't gone for a few days.  Sweetie also did not go for a morning walk, because it seemed certain that it pour down rain at any moment.  (It never did!)

I guess the big news of the day was that Kuya's teacher pulled aside Sweetie in the afternoon, and told her that Kuya is NOT listening very well.  He did NOT bring his lunch to the cafeteria as he was told, and he doesn't seem to pay attention in the classroom.  Uh oh ..... he's only had three days of school, and he's already in trouble with the teacher?

Kuya is spending too much time playing with the iPad in the evening.  I suppose he is just imitating Grump, who hops on the internet for hours, ignoring everyone else.  YOU'RE NOT BEING A GOOD ROLE MODEL THERE, GRUMP!!

Lola and Dodong are doing well, although Dodong still seems to have an inclination to bang his head on hard objects.  Oh my!

Goodnight all.

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