Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 231

19/August/2015, Day 231.  Wednesday.

Another day at work for poor Old Grump.  In case you've ever wondered, here is what his teeny cubicle at his job looks like:

Grump's Mini-Cubicle
Here is a pic of Sweetie, Dodong, and Kuya relaxing in bed:

Snoozing in Bed
Now before I get in trouble, please note that I am NOT implying that Sweetie, Dodong and Kuya lay about in bed all day while Grumps toils away at work!  To start with, on weekdays Kuya is in school.

Speaking of Kuya, I guess the exciting event of the day was that Kuya fell while playing at school, and put a nasty cut into his upper inner lip.  How bad was it?  Sweetie got all upset and called Grump at work, asking him to come home and help her take Kuya to the doctor.  Grump was fairly certain this injury, while painful, was no big deal, but he left work an hour early anyway, and he, Sweetie, and Kuya drove over to the doctor's office.  As expected, the doctor took one look at the cut, told them not to worry about it, and the three of them drove back home.

Goodnight all.

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