Monday, August 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 236

24/August/2015, Day 236.  Monday.

The day started out as just another back to school/work Monday.  We all muddled through the day, more-or-less getting done whatever it was that we needed to get done.

But then, towards the end of the day, things started to break down.  First Kuya left his lunchbox at school, then misbehaved at piano lessons.  Then the "couch incident" began ....

Actually, the "couch incident" began several months ago, when the big couch we bought at Value City in Columbia, SC, began to shed bits and pieces of its fake leather.  Dodong starting eating the loose bits of vinyl, (what else should you do with little bits of fake fabric?), and eventually the couch began crumbling so badly that we dragged it out to the curb, for the trash men to carry away.  We rearranged the love seat and recliner to make up for the loss of the couch, and life rolled on.

The only bit of sand in the lotion was Sweetie's desire to buy all new furniture, but Grump was able to dissuade her of this "foolishess", at least for the time being.

Well, today disaster has struck.  Check out this picture of the love seat; it's vinyl has begun to crumble too!

Our love seat begins to shed!

How tragic, particularly for Grump!

He and Sweetie discussed the situation, and he was (reluctantly) willing to go purchase a new sofa, love seat, and recliner, but now Sweetie has decided that the end tables and coffee table must be replaced as well!


Grump is very unhappy with this, to say the least!  We have FINALLY, after months and months of paying crazily high interest rates, gotten out of credit card debt, and now Sweetie wants to saddle us with a huge glob of debt again?

I don't know how this "couch incident" will resolve itself, but I'm afraid that things will be tense around here until it does.

In the meantime, Kuya wanted his picture taken, so here he is on the love seat, resting just below the "hole".

Kuya on our damaged love seat
Goodnight all!

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