Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 232

20/August/2015, Day 232.  Thursday.

Another work day for Grump, another school day for Kuya, another play day for Dodong, and another cook/clean/watch the boys day for Sweetie and Lola.

Because of yesterday's later afternoon theatric's, Grump had to work an extra hour to make up the time he missed by leaving early.  But most of his day was spent attempting to learn C#, which is blowing his mind!

The exciting news today was what we had for dinner, namely beef empanadas.  They were yummy and beautiful!  Using her new "green thingy", Sweetie was able to make some absolutely fantastic and flakely empanada dough.  I fear that this device will enable her to make all sorts of yummy delights that will drastically add to our already bloated waistlines.

Here are the empanadas in all their glory.  (The pic in the background is from Sweetie's night out with the girls, when they celebrated her upcoming birthday.)

Yummy Empanadas
If you know the history of the Philippines, then you understand that Mexican food and Philippine food share lots of traits, although Philippine food tends not to be as spicey.  When Filipinos want bakery items here in the USA, they are inclined to look for a "Panaderia", where they can find Spanish bread, Pandesal, and Hopia, amongst other yummies.

Goodnight all!

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