Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 237

25/August/2015, Day 237.  Tuesday.

Tiredness.  Extreme tiredness ......

Yes, Grump and Sweetie are dragging butt tonight.  Hopefully they can get to bed soon.

I suppose the most exciting event of the day happened when Sweetie, Lola, and Dodong were driving to pick up Kuya from school in the afternoon.  There was suddenly a very strong smell of gas, and Lola, convinced that the car was going to explode, pleaded with Sweetie to pull over so she could jump out!

Sweetie didn't pull over, Lola didn't jump out of the car, and the car did not explode.

Later, once Grump got home from work, he and Sweetie went to Panera to buy some bagels, and an orange scone, which they gobbled down before they even left the parking lot!

Dinner was delicious, being veggies from the garden, (mostly bitter melon, okra, and string beans), rice, and chicken.  Everyone, even fussy Kuya, enjoyed it very much.

That's it ..... I'm tired now and going to bed!  Goodnight all.

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