Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 234

22/August/2015, Day 234.  Saturday.

As is appropriate for a weekend day, we had planned to sleep in, starting our day later than normal.  Dodong and Kuya, however, had other ideas, as both were awake bright and early, ensuring that the rest of us were up bright and early too.

Ugh!  As you may remember from yesterday, Grump and Sweetie went to a late movie last night.  So waking up early wasn't something they particulary wanted to do, and once their sleep was disturbed, they were quite a bit groggy.  Oh well ..... such is the life of a parent.

After a quick breakfast Grump headed outside, to do some minor yardwork before it got too hot.  Sweetie was there to "help" him, goading him the whole time into coming back inside and getting cleaned up, so we could go get some lunch.  Eventually Grump succumbed to the heat and the nagging, and once he was washed up we all went to the local Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Saigon.  It's a good place to get a yummy Vietnamese meal, and is always very filling.

Back from lunch we next headed to Riverside Mall, where we bought lots of neat stuff at Dillard's.  Men's dress shirts were on sale for about $20.00 each, so Sweetie convinced Grump to buy five of them, while she and Lola each bought a pair of on-sale shoes for a total of $40.00.  With tax and all Grump put about $150.00 on his Dillard's card.  YIKES!!  The specter of credit card begins to rise again .....

But we weren't done yet!  Next was a trip to Lowe's to buy pots and potting soil.  This totalled about $50.00, and was put on the AMEX card.  Uh oh .....

After that orgy of spending things did settle down.  We went shopping at Publix, but used CASH for our purchases there.  (I also need to add that Lunch at Pho Saigon was a cash transaction.)

It was a fun day, but Grump is starting to worry a bit about our credit card spending again.  Let's hope it doesn't get out of control this time!

Goodnight all!

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