Friday, August 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 240

28/August/2015, Day 240.  Friday.

Grump's all excited!!  After a long, long spell of very cruddy days on Clickworker/UHRS, tonight he is FINALLY making some decent money.  Hooray!

Meanwhile, back in the realm of more relevant issues, little Isaiah still struggles to be healthy.  Sweetie made some very yummy empanadas today, (Grump had some for dinner, and he LOVED them!), and took several of them over to Pastor Jude to share with Mama Sue, her daughter, and her son-in-law.  While we can't do anything for Isaiah other than our prayers, (you are praying for him, aren't you?), we can help the other stressed out family members.

Human kindness and love is such a powerful force!  If we as a species survive all the crap a confused universe throws at us, it will be because of our love for each other.  Please never be afraid to show someone you care for him/her.

Other news/trivia:

Grandma and Grandpa are currently in England, visiting with Big John, (Grump's brother), his wife Jenna, and their kids.  Supposedly Grandma and Jenna are going to take a day trip to Paris!  That should be exciting.

Lola's ankle is swollen and hurts.  Sweetie wishes she didn't have to worry about her sister, and cleaning up loans due to "The King's" antics.  But hopefully by the end of this year all debts back home will have been paid.

Besides making some money in Clickworker/UHRS, Grump also got a haircut.  He is very itchy at the moment; I think he needs to take a bath and go to bed.

Goodnight all. 

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