Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 235

23/August/2015, Day 235.  Sunday.

We all got up more-or-less "early-ish", and prepared to go to church.  Then, right when we were leaving, it began to rain very, very hard.  It rained all the way to church, and was still pouring once we arrived at the parking lot.  We did our best to get everyone inside as dry as possible, but Sweetie and Lola got a bit wet, and Grump got soaked.  His white shirt was so wet that it picked up some of the stain from the wooden chair he sat in.  Hopefully we can wash that out!

It was Pastor Jude's birthday, so we had a birthday luncheon there at the church for him.  After lunch several of the ladies came over to our house to spend the afternoon cooking and chatting.  Several of Kuya's friends came along too!

Here are some of the ladies relaxing in the living room:
Filipinas at Rest

Sweetie enjoyed having company:

A Happy Sweetie

Since the cooking was being done by Filipinas, some of the items cooked were not what Americans would consider food.  Would you eat these fish heads?

Fish Heads  -  Yummy!!

Kuya had fun playing with his best friend, Mr. B.
Kuya and his best friend

We hope your Sunday was as pleasant as ours.  Goodnight all!

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