Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 260

17/September/2015, Day 260.  Thursday.

Oh my ...... Sweetie wants to go to bed NOW, so this has to be a very quick entry.

Sweetie picked up the required vaccination forms from Kuya's doctor today, and then this evening we filled out the paperwork for his new school.  (Which will cost us $1,000!!  GAG!!!)  Tomorrow she'll take the paperwork to the school, then Kuya should be all set to resume learning when classes start up again in October.

When he got home from work, Grump went for a walk with Dodong, (who was in the stroller).  This was so that Sweetie and Kuya could practice on the piano without Dodong interrupting.  He LOVES to bang on the keyboard whenever Kuya tries to play.

Okay ...... Sweetie's about to run out of patience and blow a gasket now.  Goodnight all!

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