Friday, September 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 268

25/September/2015, Day 268.  Friday.

Kuya survived another day of being out of school, (he starts again - hopefully! - on October 5th), and Old Grump survived another day of work.

The new tenants signed the lease for our condo in Columbia, SC, and paid prorated rent for the month.  They also expressed interest in possibly buying it, which got Grump and Sweetie excited.  But not too excited, as attempts to sell the condo have fizzled out before.

Then Grump got very frustrated with Sweetie.  What happened was that Kuya's old school sent us an email invoice, as if Kuya was still enrolled there.  Combine that with the fact that we have yet to receive a refund check from them, and Grump became very concerned that they were either screwed up again, (likely), or trying to cheat us, (unlikely).  But when he asked Sweetie to drive over to the school to get this straightened out, for some unknown reason she was reluctant to do so.  WHY she wouldn't IMMEDIATELY drive the two or three miles down the street to ask the folks at the school, in person, just exactly what the heck is going on was something he just couldn't comprehend.  After all, we are talking about a very large sum of money here, (around $7,000.00!), and we are very tight on funds at the moment.  If Grump wasn't at work, and 20 or so miles away, he would have driven over to the school himself!

So Grump hollered and fussed at Sweetie, and she eventually did in fact go to the school to clarify what is going on.  Upon which we learned that now, due to some goofy bureaucracy, our refund check won't be issued until next Friday, October 2d, after 2:00 pm.

Sweetie plans on being there in person at 1:55 pm, to get the check!

Later in the evening we had Bible study.  Sweetie dragged a very tired, (and grumpy!), Old Grump along.  The lesson dealt with some chapters from James dealing with the need to PRACTICE your religion, as well as studying it.

Sweetie enjoyed Bible Study

Grump survived it
Goodnight all!

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