Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 270

27/September/2015, Day 270.  Sunday.

It was a confusing day!  Even Mother Nature was confused, as it neither rained nor was clear, but rather just sorta misted all day long.

We were all awake early enough to get off to a good start.  Sweetie made some French toast using the fancy-dancy expensive bread we bought last weekend, but only Grump and Dodong were interested in eating any of it.  By the time it rolled around to leave for church, Kuya and Sweetie were, "very hungry!", so we had to stop at McDonald's on the way to buy them some breakfast.  (Lola is tough!  She doesn't have to eat if she doesn't want to!)

We thought that we were invited for lunch after church, but apparently were confused.  So we hurried back home, (we were all, "very hungry!" again, even Lola now), so Sweetie could quickly make some rice, then Grump and Sweetie went out again to pick up some chicken wings, (Asian zest flavor!), and a cheeseburger for Kuya.

After we were done with lunch Grump had no sooner settled in for his afternoon lay-about, than Sweetie got a text.  It appears we were now invited to a late lunch, which after some brief bickering Sweetie convinced Grump we should all go to.  So ..... we climbed back into the car, and drove all the way across town and half-way to the next town so we could meet up with all the other filipinos having a very late lunch.  (Which, in true filipino style, we were late for anyway!)

Late lunch / early dinner was yummy.  Kuya played with the other kids, Dodong waddled about precariously, Sweetie and Lola chattered away in Bisaya and Tagalog with their friends, and Grump vegged out on the couch and watched TV.

By the time we got home from this late lunch / early dinner it was already evening.  Grump tried to earn a little bit on Clickworker, but as has been the case recently wasn't too successful.  (Is Clickworker in a slump?)  Soon it was time to start getting ready for bed ....

Goodnight all!

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