Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 265

22/September/2015, Day 265.  Tuesday.

The GREAT weather we've been having since last Friday finally came to an end.  It poured and poured a hard rain all morning, and it was even somewhat overcast this evening.

Life goes on despite the rain.  Grump survived going to work for another day, and Kuya survived NOT going to school for another day.  (He doesn't start his new school until October 5th.)  Lola and Sweetie also survived having two young boys cooped up inside while it rained, which is truly amazing.

But the exciting event of the day was the camote, (sweet potato), harvest.  Protected from the STUPID deer by Liquid Fence, (which I recommend all of you get if you're having deer problems), our sweet potatoes have been growing luxuriously this year.  Several of the vines recently flowered, which according to our resident farming expert, (Lola), means that their roots are ready to be harvested.  So in the late afternoon, when the rain finally subsided a bit, Lola and Kuya went outside to check on the camote tubers.

This is some of what they found:

Camote tubers from our garden
Besides the several small and medium sized tubers, we got two large purple fleshed tubers, and one large white fleshed tuber.  Sweetie quickly cut up and pan fried one of the large tubers. Yummy, yummy, yum, yum!!

Our yummy evening snack

Besides being tasty, camotes are supposed to be very good for you.  So this is much appreciated snack.

Goodnight all!

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