Monday, September 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 271

28/September/2015, Day 271.  Monday.

For a rainy Monday, the day actually wasn't too bad.  Grump survived work okay, and Kuya did well at his piano lessons again.

The bummer of the day occurred when Sweetie tried going to a lawyer to get our Trust and Will documents notarized.  She wound up check with two different lawyers, and both would not notarize a document they did not write.  Which, after all, isn't unexpected behavior coming from a lawyer.

Lawyer joke:

Man addressing a lawyer:  "Sir, do you happen to know what time it is?"

Lawyer:  "I'm sorry, but I am not authorized to answer that question at the moment."

Lawyers!  UGH!!!

Anyway, outside of our struggles with legal crap, the day went fine.  Kuya's loose tooth finally came out!

Kuya's First Baby Tooth to Come Out

It is in an envelope addressed to the Tooth Fairy under his pillow.  We'll see if the Tooth Fairy comes and gets it tongiht!

Dodong has taken a liking to "bonking" Grump's big nose!

Bonking Grump's big nose

Gee That's Fun!

Not to be outdone, (jealousy?), Kuya had to "bonk" Grump's nose too.

Kuya Bonking Grump's Big Nose
Fortunately I believe that Grump's nose is big enough to absorb all this "bonking" and be none worse for the wear.

Sweetie is beginning to get excited, so I suppose it is time to get  ready for bed.

Goodnight all!

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