Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 263

20/September/2015, Day 263.  Sunday.

After all the walking yesterday, today we were tired, especially Grump.  We didn't even bother to get up early and go to church!  Grump took a nap right after lunch, then Mama Sue brought her two grandkids over for a visit, Kuya's friend Big B, and his little sister Cammie.  Mama Sue even treated us all to donuts!

Early in the day Dodong and Lola played a little baseball in the kitchen:

Swing Dodong, swing!

Cammie and Dodong took a nap on top of Mama Sue:

How comfortable!

Dodong did a little reading:

Dodong reading the "Barnyard Dance" book

Cammie, Dodong, and Mama Sue

It was a quiet day, but it felt good to take a break before the start of another work week.

Goodnight all!

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