Friday, September 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 261

18/September/2015, Day 261.  Friday.

It's really tough being a one paycheck family.  Grump was whining about this to a coworker today, and she told him that she stayed home when her children were young, and it was the best thing she ever did.  She encouraged him to "hang in there" for his kids and his wife, because a mother being home with her young children is irreplaceable.

Well, I guess that put Grump in his place!  He called Sweetie, apologized for complaining about her not getting a job, and assured her that as long as they are able she will stay home with the kids, at least until Dodong starts school.

As luck would have it, this all occurred on top of a frustrating work day for Grump.  The whole day was spent tweedling around with one ridiculously complicated task of data research and repair after another, yet by the time he left, (45 minutes late), nothing of consequence had been accomplished.  A bothersome task that he has been rid of for a couple months came back with a vengeance, and two others popped up to accompany it.  Aaahhhh!!

Once Grump finally got home we drove to Warner Robins so Sweetie could buy some food at the filipino store there.  Our cupboards were nearly bare, so she bought lots and lots and lots of stuff, doing some pretty severe damage, ($150.00!!), to our budget in the process.  After that we ate dinner at the superb Monsoon restaurant.  That meal cost us a little more than $50.00.  Add all these "little" expenses on top of what we just paid for Kuya's new school, ($1,000.00+ !!), and you can see why we are back in the rut of having money troubles.

The good news is that SUPPOSEDLY the new tenants for our condo finally got all their approvals complete.  They should be moving in September 24th.

Goodnight all!

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