Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 077

18/March/2015, Day 077.  Wednesday.

"Husbands are the best people to share secrets with.  They'll never tell anyone, because .... they aren't even listening!"  A quote from Facebook Sweetie found today, that she really likes.

It was a typical hump day for us.  Sweetie was extremely tired, as Dodong was up most of the night with sore gums, (he's teething).  Grump responded to this emergency by running away; he went upstairs to sleep in Lola's room.  (Lola's in the Philippines right now.)  He didn't win any cool points from Sweetie for this selfish maneuver, but he did get some sleep.

To make up for this minor indiscretion, Grump has to watch Dodong all evening while Sweetie relaxes by playing on the PC and calling Lola.  (We have Vonage, so we pay a flat monthly rate for our phone calls, which includes phone calls to the Philippines.) 

On this and other blogs Grump has often praised MMM, ( ), as a website you should read frequently.  He has been repeating this over and over and over to Sweetie, who is getting a bit irritated with hearing it.  Well, today Grump was finally forced to admit that sometimes MMM does go a wee bit over the top.  From :

“I found that each 250 square foot zone took about eight hours of work. But not just a casual eight hours that flies by like it does when installing kitchen cabinets while your radio plays happy bluegrass music in the background.  This is eight hours of proper torture, crawling in a 40-inch-high space with sharp rocky dirt beneath and obstacle-laden floor joists above. Even the slightest movement stirs up thick dust, so you have to wear a full-face respirator. That’s handy, since the grinder also throws down hot metal sparks towards your eyes and face. Gloves and kneepads are essential too. And ear protection. It’s dark down there, so you also have a bright LED headlamp strapped over top of all the other accessories on your head. But the ground-driven temperature of 60 degrees is far too warm for the work pants and long sleeves you need to wear to avoid skinning your arms and legs, so you also sweat a lot. In general, I could only withstand about 2 hours of this work at a time, so each zone was done over four days.”

“But if the paragraph above sounds horrible, you’re just thinking about it wrong. This is voluntary hardship at its best. The physical and mental benefits of crawling and sweating and fighting with stubborn tools and materials for so many hours are incomparable. Every possible move is constrained, so you must overcome the constraints with strategy and strain. The feeling of suiting up and descending into the crawlspace each morning while knowing I could earn much more money by outsourcing the activity and instead simply typing a bit more shit into this computer was enlightening. The feeling of emerging two hours later into the fresh air and bright sunlight, stripping off the dusty clothes and seeing the beauty of the world again was life itself.”

Ugh!  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be “stuck” in a comfortable office than crawling around under a house fighting with nails and stiff piping and various creepy crawlies!  If that is what “Early Retirement via Financial Independence” is all about, then I want no part of it!

So ....... may we all have long, happy, safe, comfortable careers!  Goodnight all.

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