Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 087

28/March/2015, Day 087.  Saturday.

Wow!  What a day! 

It started early, at 4:00 am.  Grump got a call from work informing him that a batch job abended.  When he tried to logon to work, the STUPID company PC he was given wouldn't connect over the STUPID company remote access network, and so because the STUPID remote access network no longer supports the anti-virus software that he was told by his company to buy, (!) for his own PC at home, Grump had to get dressed and drive in to work.

Once there the problem was apparent; a test job had failed because of an environment problem.  The solution was simple; rerun the job!  However, now that Grump was at work he stayed there, because he was supposed to support a new release of software that was going into Production today, and since he couldn't remote connect from home because of the limitations of the STUPID remote access network, he had to be at work anyway.  

He stayed at work several hours before his work was complete.  Once he got home it was about 8:30 am, and Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie were all up, and eating breakfast.  Grump ate breakfast too, then we all headed to Sam's Club, to see if they had any mangoes.

We lucked out!  They had several boxes of the mangga carabao variety, which Grump affectionately calls "Filipina Mangoes".  These are the yellow, kidney shaped mangoes, and WOW are they yummy!  We picked up four boxes of them, and some other "essentials", then after a quick stop at Target for a brand of tissue Sweetie prefers, (remember the dreaded pollen!), we came home.

 While eating lunch Grump decided to check the mailbox, and we discovered that not only had the rent check from our condo in South Carolina arrived, but so too had a check from Grandma and Grandpa to help with Kuya's tuition next year.  Knowing the bank would be closing soon, we dropped everything and rushed off to deposit the checks, then after a side trip to Walmart to buy some hanging plants for outside, we came home again.

Back home we worked in the yard for a few hours, repotting some of our newly purchased plants and pulling the obnoxious weeds that had been threatening to overtake our various flower beds.  After this strenuous activity we were hungry, and since Sweetie was as tired as Grump, (she got even less sleep than him last night, believe it or not!), we decided to eat out at a Mexican restaurant.

Now remember that by this point we were getting a bit punchy from lack of sleep.  Even so, I'm not sure this fully explains Grump's bizarre behavior in the restaurant.  First he told the waitress to take Kuya's food before Kuya was even half done, then once realizing his mistake, he followed after her and tried to take Kuya's plate back.  Quickly he realized that was a dumb idea, as the plate had been mixed with the leftovers from other tables, so he put the plate back.  At least he tried to put the plate back.  Somehow it slid off the shelf where he put it, and with a loud crash shattered as it hit the floor, breaking into bits of porcelain and pieces food of all over the place.  The waitress just stared with a look of surprise and disgust, while an embarrassed Grump put his hands over his face, then muttering, "Sorry", slunk back to his table.

Back home again, we were all looking forward to a quiet end to the day, when Grump's cellphone rang.  It was work again, and apparently there was now a HUGE problem with some of the computer systems.  Grump was patched in to an ongoing conference call with several very nervous people.  But after several tense moments it became apparent that this problem did not involve the computer systems Grump is responsible for, so after confirming that it was okay with his manager, he called back and explained that he was available if needed, but that he could offer no specific help for the problem at hand.

The final chore of the day involved a clogged toilet and a tool called a toilet auger.  This was a nasty clog, and poor Grump had to repeatedly jam the auger into ..... oh, let's not get into too many details about this, shall we?  Suffice it to say it was unpleasant.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was our day!  Goodnight all.

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