Friday, March 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 079

20/March/2015, Day 079.  Friday.

It was a busy, exciting day!  Today was Father and Son Kite Flying Day at Kuya's school, so Old Grump took a day off work to attend this momentous event.

We woke up early, (too early for Grump, as it turns out), to take Kuya to school, then Grump paid his re-enrollment fee for next year.  (He also nearly had a heart attack when he saw how much tuition is going to be for a first grader!)  Then Grump, Sweetie and Dodong went to Panera for a leisurely breakfast, followed by a shopping trip to Sam's Club for diapers, wipes, some fruit, (papayas, blueberries, strawberries), and other stuff we can't live without.  We would up spending almost $200.00 at Sam's Club, which was nearly the cause of a second heart attack for Grump.

After some cruddy mall food for lunch, (I won't say who is to blame for that suggestion, Sweetie!), Grump went back over to Kuya's school, where he joined the Kuya, the other kids, and the other kids' dads, in a vain attempt to fly kites on a day with almost no wind.  But it was fun running up and down the football field, and Grump did not over exert himself and need CPR.

After Kuya and Grump arrived back home we all went for a stroll at the Riverside mall, inexplicably getting caught in a brief shower despite the sunshine.  This was a productive trip, because Sweetie was able to purchase eight panties at Victoria's Secret for less than $35.00.

Once back home from all that, the cumulative effect of the lack of good sleep for the past few weeks finally caught up with Grump, and he slept from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  Now it is late, (nearly midnight!), so we all need to climb back into bed, and rest up for an exciting day tomorrow.

Goodnight all! 

P.S.  -  Grump has been working on his affiliate marketing videos on YouTube, and supporting documents on his Buying Nirvana website.  They don't amount to a whole lot yet, but any feedback you could give him would be appreciated!

25/March/2015 Update  -  a pic of the kite we were trying to fly:

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