Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 082

23/March/2015, Day 082.  Monday.

Back to work and school day!

Although rainy, it was basically a pleasant enough day.  Kuya was back at school and Grump was back at work, while Sweetie and Dodong stayed home and folded laundry.

It appears we may have a major expense popping into our lives soon.  The sofit, (fascia?  bottom part of the roof?), near the far corner of our garage is rotting, and it appears that the problem is with our roof.  We knew when we bought this house that the folks who "fixed it up" did a poor job applying the shingles on the roof.  I guess they did even a worse job than we supposed.

For dinner we had pizza from Papa John's, then afterwards Grump foolishly watched another "make money via affiliate marketing!" webinar.  Once again, all he accomplished was to waste precious time and irritate the heck out of Sweetie.

Sweetie wants to go to bed now, so ....... goodnight all!

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