Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 084

25/March/2015, Day 084.  Wednesday.

The cherry blossoms are just so beautiful around here this year, we just can't resist posting a few more pics!

This group of trees is at the entrance to our subdivision.  I think they're some of the best around.  (My pics don't do them justice!)

This is a tree in our neighbor's yard:

Here is a close up of a blossom:

Unlike the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom festival, where the trees are planted around mostly one spot, (the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial), in Macon the cherry trees are spread out all through the neighborhoods, particularly in North Macon.  Because of this they're a little harder to find, but when you come across a tree-lined street all in bloom, oh how lovely!

Another difference between the two festivals is that the trees here in Macon always seem to actually bloom when the festival is being held, unlike the trees in D.C., whose blooming times seem to be more erratic.

All this beauty does come at a cost, however:

No, that is not paint, but rather millions of pollen particles that accumulated in a low spot near our garage after a slight rain.  Can you imagine all those nasty things being air-borne?  Grump and Sweetie are currently well pollenated, and suffering from watery eyes, scratchy throats, and sinus headaches.

As far as family news goes today, I need to mention some steak that Sweetie cooked.  Now Sweetie likes her beef cooked very, very well done, ("burnt", Grump would say), and sometimes ..... well, sometimes very, very well done beef has every last bit of flavor blasted out of it.  But tonight she did something different.  She marinated the steak in a honey based sauce before cooking it, and after cooking the steak longer than any reasonable person would allow, it came out DELICIOUS!  Both Sweetie and, significantly, Grump, (who prefers his beef medium rare), declared that it was about the best beef they had ever eaten.

So if you, or your significant other, require your beef to be thoroughly nuked before you'll eat it, marinating it first in a honey sauce is a trick you can try to give it a wonderful flavor.

Now it is late: Sweetie is ill from the pollen, and Dodong is crying from teething pain.  Time to wrap this up for today.  Goodnight all!

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