Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 085

26/March/2015, Day 085.  Thursday.

Wow!  It was a busy, busy day for Old Grump at work.  But that's a good thing, I suppose.  Keeps the old man on his toes, so to speak!

The weather here was beautiful again, as it's been for about two weeks now.  But would you believe that tomorrow night it is supposed to dip down to 25 F?  (That would be almost -4 celsius!)  Brrr!!  What is WRONG with the weather here, anyway?  Why is it so friggin' erratic?

Kuya got a simple paper mask at school a few days ago, but wow is it realistic looking, and creepy!  He's been wearing it around the house, freaking out Sweetie and Grump.  We think it is a bit .... uh .... unsettling.  What do you think?

Dinner tonight was kale, egg, and rice.  Sweetie did an excellent job cooking it all up, so it was actually tasty.  But I must admit it was a let-down from the yummy steak she cooked last night.

Old Grump has been puttering around with an online site that pays you to do "tasks".  So far it seems pretty cool.  If it actually pays out, (if it's not a scam like Bubblews), I'll let y'all know.

That's it for today!  Goodnight all.

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